not raining satellites, cats, dogs, anything else…

Saturday morning, and it’s warm enough to sit in the conservatory with the door open, watching the cats go in and out while I indulge in my favourite sport of procrastination… Unfortunately I’ve just spotted a massive spider climbing down a web between the roof and the burglar alarm (but fortunately on the outside of the house!) which has freaked me out slightly, but apart from that there is blue sky and it’s all quite idyllic.

I’m looking forward to continuing with my edits of ‘Murder in the Midi’ – as I thought, it’s the romantic aspect of this novel that is giving me the most trouble, but it’s good to do something so contrary to all my instincts for once! I will be writing another murder mystery in November for NaNoWriMo, so I should really make the most of writing about the south of France and not Scotland while I can.

Looking back on the last few blog entries, I realise the animals took over for a while, but I have no cat updates today except to say that the return of milder weather encouraged two of the cats to stay out too late last night and I spent a while wandering around outside in the streets around our house looking for them, which is a pointless exercise as I almost never find them – they usually just turn up at the back door out of nowhere and pretend to have been waiting there all the time.


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