out on a limb

Yes, I have gone out on a limb and published ‘A Reformed Character’ – although in a way this is a limb I have already tested for strength before with my previous novels. There’s a link to my ‘Cecilia Peartree’ blog on the right for more information about all the Pitkirtly mysteries, their setting and hints about what might happen next (as far as I know). Anyone who wants to buy a printed copy should click on the Lulu link to the right.

But I won’t go on about that!

What made me think of the title for this post was that Jacques suddenly swarmed up the big pine tree outside the conservatory this evening – it’s a while since he has done this, but it’s always nerve-racking, especially when the magpies start attacking him. He likes to walk along branches that look too thin to support his weight – which makes me particularly nervous now that the vet has told me to make sure he doesn’t put on too much!

Fortunately the lure of the IAMS packet being rattled brought him down from the tree safely – by the way, I’m not sponsored by IAMS either, but it certainly is a popular cat food. And not as bad for cats as Go-Cat, according to the vet.

I now have a copy of ‘Murder in the Midi’ bristling with sticky notes. Trying to take it more slowly with this one as I suspect there is more re-writing to do.



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