animal antics

The cats have only just started speaking to me again now that the dog has gone. We looked after someone’s dog (Paddy) earlier in the week for a few days. Caspar coped well with this by fearlessly standing his ground as Paddy rushed towards him, just lifting one paw as a warning. George coped, as he usually does, by making himself scarce and only coming out for meals. Jacques coped by being really annoying and trying to get Paddy to chase him, probably in order to get me to shout at the dog. Paddy retaliated by spending every waking minute trying to eat the cats’ food. It was all a bit trying.

The plus side of having a dog around was that I got more exercise in those few days than I have done since we had a dog of our own several years ago. It was lovely  having an excuse to go for a walk on Corstorphine Hill in my lunch-hour, even with the remains of a hurricane whistling round my ears, as happened on Monday.

In ‘other news’, my copy of ‘A Reformed Character’ is no longer bristling with sticky notes. The changes have been applied to my Word files and I’m in the process of doing some final checks – not helped much by Word spellchecker, which seems to think if it’s checked the document once then it doesn’t need to do it again. I’m also getting it formatted for Smashwords as I will release it there first before I upload it to Amazon. If the formatting works for Smashwords then it won’t be hard to adjust it for Kindle.

I now have the printed copy of ‘Murder in the Midi’, which has attracted some favourable comment from people who’ve seen it lying around – the cover picture is a very green view of the Canal du Midi. Some people don’t like photographs being used as cover images but I find it works for me. I’m having to restrain myself from going through the book with my sticky notes, as I already know there are a few areas that need wholesale cleaning up – such as French accents, for instance – and some scenes that need to be re-written. I fully expect also to find some plot holes, things I’ve said more than once (and possibly contradicted myself about the second time!) and things that won”t make any sense to anyone except me.

I have to go out this morning to help with a props room tidy-up at my theatre group, so at least I won’t be tempted to spend all day editing! (as if)


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