almost there

I’m hovering on the brink of quite a lot of things at the moment. We have almost completed a couple of major projects at work, I am almost there with both the novels I’ve been editing, and I think we are almost at the end of a series of visits to the vet!

First things first: George had to go back to vet yesterday to have his blood pressure checked. When he was in  the car on his own without Caspar yowling, I realised that he was squeaking a lot too, which explains how Caspar managed to yowl in stereo the last time I took both of them to the vet at once! Fortunately George has nearly reached the end of this series of tests and all is well. He just needs to go back to the vet one more time to make sure his teeth are definitely ok.

I won’t talk about work here, except to say that no matter how many organisational priorities there are, we always seem to have room for one more on the list.

My printed copy of ‘A Reformed Character’ (latest in the mystery series) is still bristling with sticky notes. I’ve been focussing on ‘Murder in the Midi’ (romantic suspense) and it’s now nearly ready for me to get a printed copy to check. I realise now I can’t get on and finish my mystery novel until the other one is temporarily out of the way. For some reason I have an irresistible urge to get it right – this is quite unusual for me as I am not by any means a perfectionist, so I have to go with the urge and keep working on it. I’m not sure if putting in the extra work means it will actually turn out better than the mystery series, or if I am having to work harder because of the unfamiliar setting and new set of characters.


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