going beyond tiredness

By the time I got to the end of the working week I was so tired I don’t think I was really safe to drive home; however I made it, thank goodness.

It wasn’t just work that wore me out. One of the main problems was that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, which was because I ‘had’ to sleep in a different room to get away from a colossal spider which was roaming around downstairs, and I missed my new memory foam mattress! (no, I am not sponsored by any mattress company)

Fortunately not only have  I now bought a plug-in spider repelling device (not sponsored by them either) but also the colossal spider was found dead in mysterious circumstances – well, not that mysterious, in fact, as one of the cats had been stalking it earlier.

Mentioning cats brings me to the other reason I’ve worn myself out, which is that once again I had to catch two of them and take them to the vet. It wasn’t quite as traumatic as last time (see post on the subject). I left them there all day to get their teeth scaled and collected them late in the afternoon, by which time Caspar had driven everyone in the place mad by being so ‘talkative’ which can probably be translated to ‘yowling his head off’. It was just a huge effort somehow.

However, I do have a bit of writing progress to report as well. I’ve finished sticking tiny post-its in all the places in ‘A Reformed Character’ where I need to make changes – imagine a paperback book bristling like a multi-coloured hedgehog – and I have also written part of an extra scene for ‘Murder in the Midi’ and worked out how some of the story fits together in a more satisfying way.

Actually, what with that and having 4 meetings in one day at work, it’s a wonder I didn’t collapse with exhaustion on Friday, so I am happy to have survived.


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