warning: humorous family and pets anecdote follows…

I had to take my three cats for their vaccination boosters earlier today, and I’ve only just recovered from the trauma (the cats seem ok). Yes, I know it’s Sunday, but the vets had decided to spend the day vaccinating so they didn’t have to do it during the week when they might have real emergencies to deal with.

I allowed an hour and a half to find the baskets and make the all-important connections between cat and basket. It was only just enough time.

The first problem was that I thought I had three large cat baskets but I could only find two of them. I still think I have another one somewhere, but it wasn’t in the cupboard under the stairs and it wasn’t under a cardboard box in the living-room, or in the pile of stuff at one end of the kitchen. In desperation, I dug out a smaller wicker cat carrying basket that is so small that we used to use it to transport rather a small rabbit.

I caught George easily enough and put him in one of the large baskets. Then it was Caspar’s turn, and he went into another large basket, this one with a lid that hinges up. While I was catching Jacques and squeezing him into the smallest basket (backwards as he refused to go in forwards, rightly guessing that it was far too small for him) I saw a flash of black and white as Caspar dashed past me. I hadn’t done up the clips on the lid of his basket firmly enough and he had pushed it up and escaped.

I went and caught Caspar, and while I was making sure the clips were tight, I saw a flash of tabby and white. Jacques had tipped his basket up and squeezed out through a gap between the wicker surround and the wire door. After chasing him round the living room several times, I finally grabbed him and inserted him into the basket again. I searched the house for something more I could use to close the gap round  the door of the basket, ie something in addition to the old shoelace I seemed to have used previously, and came up with two strips of Velcro, some sticky tape and some gold Christmas ribbon.

Caspar by this time was yowling as if the house was on fire, and this continued all the way to the vet’s in the car, all the time he was waiting to be seen by the vet and all the way home again. Of course they were all absolutely angelic while standing on the vet’s table, and we even managed to weigh them all on this occasion.

I now have an appointment to repeat the experience on the 31st of August but fortunately only two of them need to have their teeth scaled, so I am hoping the cats will be the only ones needing sedation for that!

caspar and george in the garden

Caspar and George in the garden


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