at last, the blue sky I ordered!

The weather I wanted for my holiday week is at last here – or it is for the moment. Nothing but blue skies overhead, although I don’t entirely approve of the breeze that wafts through the open door and round my feet. But maybe it would be too hot without that (note sarcasm here).

This week has surprised me, as I half-expected to be rushing around trying to fit in as many Fringe shows as I could, but in fact, and this is partly because of the changeable weather, I’ve spent quite a lot of time editing novels, something I usually put off until there’s absolutely no excuse not to do it. I’m also slightly worried that helping with props and sets has robbed the theatre of its magic, but I don’t really want to think that.

I set myself the target of finishing my edit of ‘A Reformed Character’ but I have also been drawn back into my July novel (working title ‘Murder in the Midi’) and yesterday I wrote about 3,000 extra words for that. The main effort has been to try and slow down the pace a little, since the first draft was almost entirely action and the heroine got no rest, what with being chased through Agde, losing all her belongings, being kidnapped etc. But I mustn’t give away too much of the story!

So far I’ve been out to the Book Festival twice and the Fringe twice. The best event so far has been Jasper Fforde’s session at the Book Festival, where the time flew past.


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