the weekend again already!

I could get used to these three-day working weeks – though oddly enough, I felt just as tired as usual by Friday. It looks as if we are having reasonable weather again in Edinburgh, but not as nice as last weekend when I found all three cats lolling around the garden like lions.

3 cats by the bamboo bush
3 cats in dappled sunlight

Having written ‘The End’ on the first draft of ‘Murder in the Midi’, I feel an almost irresistible urge to start editing it already. This is a very unusual post-NaNo feeling for me – mostly I just shelve the novel until enough time has passed for it to seem almost salvageable! I think the issue with this one is that there is quite a bit more research to be done. The fact that I remembered I had marooned one of the characters halfway through also has something to do with it. It might also be that my brain is playing tricks again – trying to distract me from my ‘to-do’ list which clearly says I have to edit ‘A Reformed Character’ now.


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