changing the covers

Because it’s been a weekend of terrible weather (again – groan – oh, weather gods, what do you have against me? no, don’t answer that), I’ve already spent one whole day in the house. I’m in the middle of writing my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, ‘Murder in the Midi’, so naturally my mind is playing tricks on me, persuading me to do other things to avoid having to write any more.

One of the other things I did yesterday was to start to plan my November NaNoWriMo novel, or at least to think of a scenario and to decide which of my long-suffering characters is to bear the brunt of the horrible events that will probably unfold. This is probably as far as the planning process will go. But if you really want to know a bit more, go to my other blog (the Cecilia Peartree one).

The other thing, and this is what this blog entry is really about, I did yesterday was to change the cover for a previously epublished novel, Crime in the Community. I’ve been agonising about this for some time and had almost convinced myself that I could only do it after visiting one of the places that provide the setting for my mystery series and taking photographs. Of course, then I kept putting off the visit and telling myself that meant I couldn’t change the cover. However, I have found a clever way to circumvent this procrastination – and this means, unnervingly, that one part of my mind is working against the other, which isn’t necessarily good news – by searching through my late brother’s photo archives until I found an image of a small town near the River Forth, and adapting that to fit, even though it isn’t actually the same small town that’s the basis for my setting.

I’ve recently discovered that Picasa, a free image tool from Google, has quite a good image editing section, although oddly you have to go to the online part, Picknick, to re-size an image without cropping it. I particularly like the options for adding text and I’ve adopted a series standard of semi-transparent text that has a red outline, which I think is appropriate for a murder mystery series.


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