how not to get tired

I’m quite surprised at what happened today. I’ve been writing a lot the past few days and today my Camp NaNoWriMo total so far is over 6,000 words. As well as writing, I managed to apply woodstain to the fence, go to the Zoo,

Penguins having a shower

Penguins having a shower

take some rubbish to the tip (or community recycling centre as it’s now known), and some cardboard and cans to the recycling bins at Tesco’s, read The Observer from cover to cover, cook an amazing Quorn bolognese dish and wash the front room curtains.

What was my secret? I can’t help thinking that the weather had a lot to do with it. For the first time in I don’t know how long we had wall-to-wall blue skies and sunshine here in the frozen north (and see previous post). Edinburgh wasn’t the coolest place in the world after all. And its inhabitants are probably quite happy about that.


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