the coolest place in the country

I don’t mean the above title in a good way, either – Edinburgh is cool and grey and damp today while apparently (according to Classic FM anyway) the rest of the country is enduring a tropical heatwave. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to go and live in the south of France. But I might find the weather follows me there!

Busy with trying to get all my ducks in a row – management speak but I quite like this phrase – online for my electronic and print publications. Never mind publicising and selling them, even just providing all the links and dealing with the slight extra complications of having a pen-name as well as writing under my real name, takes a bit of time and effort. So things may remain muddled for a while yet, especially when work is so strenuous as well.

I may take refuge in writing and editing – three novels in my mind just now, with others waiting in the wings. I will have to choose one writing project to focus on and leave the others for later! I suppose my fear that there won’t be any ‘later’ is what drives me to do so many things at once.


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