so many writing projects, so little time

I suppose some people would be envious of the number of writing projects I have buzzing around in my brain and jostling for position at the forefront of my thoughts.

It was bad enough having two NaNoWriMo novels (2008 and 2010) competing for a place in the editing queue, but now I have three more novels waiting to be written, which has called into question my whole strategy. I had thought I could build up my cosy mystery efforts into a series, each of which would fuel the sales on smashwords and Amazon of the others, by writing a new one each year for NaNoWriMo, and spending the rest of the year editing it. This year I became over-ambitious, in theory at least, and considered writing a sequel to my historical/fantasy story (once I had finished editing it, that is!) during the summer AS WELL AS a cosy mystery in November.

Now I have yet another idea, based on my winning ‘first paragraph’ in the Mary Stewart competition, for a romantic suspense novel set in the south of France. Writing it would be very self-indulgent, but I am very very tempted.

I suppose if I spent less time wondering what to do, and more time actually doing it, I could manage at least one of them! I think I’m going to have to plunge into writing one of them, and see what happens next.

Weather in Edinburgh today: cloudy with sunny spells – unlike yesterday, when we held our local ‘fun day’ and it rained constantly and heavily from 11 am to nightfall.


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