new start

I feel as if I’m making a new start, with blogging and with writing, because I’ve had a bit of a break from both. Of course I have been doing other nice things…

Canal du Midi - a cool green place
Canal du Midi at Agde – a cool green place on a hot day

(a lovely holiday on the Languedoc coast, right by the Mediterranean)

I came back with re-charged batteries ready to face both our May theatre show and some stressful times at work. Unfortunately the two things interacted badly during last week and I feel completely re-stressed now! But it’s the last night of the show tonight so I can put that to one side and do some writing again instead of rushing about looking for props, dyeing things orange and feeling guilty because I haven’t found a vanity case.

I am just in the process of getting a copy of my mystery novel ‘Reunited in Death’ printed by Lulu so that I can do a final edit before self-publishing, which has always been my plan. I will publish electronically via and possibly also kindle, and make a hard copy available through Lulu as that seems to me the easiest way of providing one.

Only the cover to do now! I have rather a tasteful graveyard picture which seems appropriate, and a good quote from my ABNA PW review to put on the back.  Surely it can’t fail!


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