in which I spring into action again

Yes, a time to mull has been replaced by a time to write like mad – this month I’ve written and edited a short story for the Alibi crime writing competition, and also, because I theoretically wrote it as part of Script Frenzy, I’m in the process of turning it into a short screenplay and also into an audio script.

Writing the story was fun and editing it down to the right word count was even more fun, since I had deliberately written twice as much as I needed! This is very unusual for me as I am quite a sparse writer who can’t be bothered with description. The edited story has taken this tendency to new heights!

Converting it into an audio script is also fun, especially as I haven’t done this kind of thing before and have no idea whether it will work or not. It’s set around Christmas so I’ve added Christmassy music, but what I really enjoy most is adding sound effects. I’m not sure how the first one can be achieved – ‘the sound of people eating a fish supper, then crumpling up the paper and throwing it in the bin’ – but there must surely be a way. Ideally I would like to release it as a podcast somewhere online for next Christmas season.

There’s also a little bit of background mulling going on. I expect to be ejected from the ABNA writing competition next week, so I will then have to decide whether to do another edit of ‘Reunited in Death’ or to edit something else. I’m thinking it over as I write this! I am guessing it will depend on how bad the Publisher’s Weekly review is for the ABNA novel. Will I want to give up on it for the moment, or will I be inspired to carry on improving it?


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