a time to write and a time to mull

[This has nothing to do with the island of Mull in Scotland!]

I haven’t been doing much writing lately, in fact it has been a struggle even to think of something to post on Twitter. The thought of sitting down and working on a novel is enough to make me feel ill. This is only partly because I’m over-tired after a rail trip through large parts of Europe, which I will describe on a different page, and several stressful weeks at work. It’s also because this isn’t a time to write. It’s a time to soak up new experiences and process them, and to mull over my planned projects for the next few months.

Quite often when I switch off and tell myself I’m not writing at the moment, useful plot devices or scenes float up to the top of my mind unexpectedly, such as the revelation I had on a train from Edinburgh to London which will change the ending of a short story I’m going to write in April.

April is Script Frenzy month, and last year at this time I was planning to write the script for a musical. I did manage to finish it, and it’s sitting there on my hard drive, waiting patiently for the music to go with the words! This time I am going to be a Script Frenzy Rebel, because I have my short story in mind and will use the structure and buzz associated with Script Frenzy to make myself write it.


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