the lure of the big city

I’m off to London later today, ostensibly to visit 2 museums on Monday. But after arranging this, I found that there’s a Who Do You Think You Are? event on at Olympia, so I will be packing a hastily assembled folder of family history into my bag along with the usual netbook, something to read on the train and as many clothes as I can pack around the electronic stuff.

It’s been an interesting week as I heard on Thursday that my pitch for ‘Reunited in Death’ (one of my murder mysteries) has got through to the next round of the Amazon novel contest. Of course, they haven’t yet read any of the actual novel, so it may well not go any further, but it’s more fun to be still in with a chance, and also gives me an excuse for one of my favourite activities – procrastination. In the sense that I don’t need to do anything more to this particular novel while I’m waiting for the results from the next round of judging, but can either sit back and pretend to be constructively waiting or work on something else in the meantime.

Fortunately we have now almost finished the fake books and even put them on a shelf on Thursday to show how brilliant they are.


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