putting things off vs getting things done

I was dreading the task of creating fake books for our next theatre group show and had left the components in the car for nearly a week, thinking (rightly) that if I didn’t see them I wouldn’t feel too guilty about not doing anything with them.
fake book components

From this....


stack of fake books, almost finished

.. to this

Yesterday I brought them into the house for a weekend attack on them. I had deliberately left the whole weekend free to do this, and yet once I got started, the whole thing took about 2 hours and was even quite good fun! I think there’s a lesson in that somewhere. I even had time to go and see The King’s Speech again and now, on Sunday, I’m left with the decision about whether to go down to Starbuck’s to do some writing with the group or to stay at home and write in the conservatory.

It’s the same with self-imposed writing tasks – I am currently putting off editing something which I will probably enjoy very much once I get going. It’s a historical novel, and my excuse for procrastinating is that I need to do more research. What nonsense! I’ve already done all the research I need about 14th century Scotland – there is so little source material that much of what I need to know is generic medieval background.

It’s raining today but we are fortunate not to have worse weather than this.

The finished 'books'

Finished! (I hope)


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