a source of inspiration

I was out last night having dinner with the Edinburgh NaNoWriMo group – purely a social occasion, no writing involved. However, I found it a great source of inspiration being with other writers, and on the way home on the bus I resolved to start editing my 2008 NaNo novel which is a historical story with time travel elements. This is a good time to revisit it, as I have just completed all the edits I have time for on ‘Reunited in Death’ for the Amazon ABNA competition which opens for submissions some time tonight. The master plan (ha ha!) is to edit the historical novel, now tentatively called ‘The Guinevere Secret’, at write-ins, while working on my most recent NaNo novel, ‘A Reformed Character’, at home.

In ‘other news’ I have now booked my rather complicated train journeys across Europe – Edinburgh to Brussels, Brussels to Wolfenbuttel via Cologne, Hannover and Braunschweig and on the way back Berlin to Paris by overnight sleeper and Paris to Edinburgh. Still to book: hotels in Brussels and Berlin, and the shorter journey from Braunschweig to Berlin. Quite a bit of work still to do on revising my German! I’m using ‘German steps’ on the BBC website, watching Norddeutsche Rundfunk online and have just bought a Berlitz German course to make sure.

Weather today in Edinburgh: cloudy and a little chilly.


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