all the old familiar places

So here I am back in the conservatory while raindrops fall on the glass roof above me. It hasn’t been warm enough to sit here for very long, but today the weather is fairly mild – though wet and windy. Even my Italian car has finally consented to go out without complaining about something.

What I should be doing is putting the finishing touches to the novel I will submit to the Amazon ABNA competition. What I’m actually doing is planning a trip to Germany in March that’s part work and part pleasure.  It does involve giving a presentation at a conference but as well as that I am planning a couple of days in Berlin, which I last visited in 1964 – I expect to see a few changes there.  No Berlin wall for a start.

Back to the ABNA novel – ideally I would have got a copy printed out via Lulu to do a final edit, but time is getting on and I think I will just have to risk not doing that, though once I’ve been knocked out of ABNA I will do a bit more editing. I’ve been on the ABNA pitch forum trying to improve my pitch, but as the novel is not about vampires, alternate universes or apocalyptic events there is a limit to how exciting I can make it sound compared to the rest!


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