Happy New Year 2011

Best wishes for the New Year. I have a feeling it’s going to be interesting in all sorts of ways.

I only have a few days left of my long winter holiday – I go back to work on Thursday. It seemed like a good idea to start off with a two-day week. I will probably spend at least one and a half days of it trying to remember what I was doing before Christmas. The snow has mostly gone now, although it didn’t seem far away today and the cats were quite suspicious, sniffing the air before going out. Jacques has enjoyed popping in and out all day so I think he will be disappointed when I go back to work.

I’ve had a surprisingly productive break. Being housebound apart from regular forays to the local supermarket forced me not only to do the assignments for my management course, but to review my writing and take some decisions about what to do with it. I managed to do some editing and also to put up on Kindle a science fiction novel, The Mountain and the Flood, which has been sitting around on my computer for ages while I wondered what to do with it. I also unexpectedly received an email from CreateSpace reminding me about the ABNA competition, and as I have a mystery novel in its final stages of editing (I hope they are the final stages, anyway) I have decided to give it another try. The fact that the closing date isn’t too far away is what mainly appeals to me.


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