Winter stays struck

We haven’t really had much of a respite from the winter weather since my previous post, and while there were some great snow scenes to begin with and even some ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ at the sight of the winter wonderland, the novelty definitely wore off at about the time the buses stopped running here in Edinburgh. Fortunately they were back to normal quite quickly, but since then we have had ice, both white and black, more snow and at the moment the surroundings of our house are quite Arctic.

Everything turns to white - the street outside our house

Everything turns to white - the street outside our house

I’m lucky enough to be on holiday for Christmas and New Year, so I can take my time going to the shops and posting parcels. The theatre group pantomime finished on Sunday afternoon – it seemed to be very successful although there were more and more coughs and colds as the run went on, not to mention minor accidents and fraying tempers.

In theory I should be able to spend some time writing and/or editing – in practice I find these dark dim days around the winter solstice are not at all conducive to writing. Thinking, maybe, or sitting in front of the television with a bar of chocolate in one hand and a hot drink in the other; maybe even knitting or one of the other cosy pursuits I mentioned recently on my other blog. Or just feeling glad to be at home and not at work or sleeping on the hard cold floor at some airport or station.


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