Winter strikes

It’s looking like The Day After Tomorrow out there as I write this. Today the weather seems to be alternating between light snow, heavy snow and occasional hail. I’m starting to doubt whether I will even get down to Princes Street on the bus for the write-in at Starbucks later, although I’ve been looking forward to a hot chocolate for some time.

Theoretically I don’t need to go to the write-in anyway, since I’ve got past 50,000 with my NaNoWriMo novel. However I have been unable to write ‘The End because I haven’t got to the end, and I like to do that before considering the month successful. I’m sure I will find lots of inconsistencies, plot holes, typos etc when I look back over the novel (which I probably won’t be able to bring myself to do until at least next June) but that doesn’t really matter. I am quite pleased that I’ve got some good action sequences and I feel that at last there is a plot that moves along quickly without too much of characters wondering about things! In fact I may have to re-visit some of my previous efforts and ruthlessly delete the words ‘wondered’ and ‘wondering’ as I have already done with ‘probably’!

December is the time when my theatre group pantomime takes precedence over everything else. But at the end of the month I am planning to take 2 1/2 weeks off work for Christmas and New Year and in that time I will continue de-cluttering the house and return to my family history research which I’ve neglected a bit lately. Watch this space!


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