Deep in the heart of NaNoWriMo

I’m writing from NaNoLand, where the only thing that matters is writing 1667 words a day. It doesn’t really matter what you write (though it’s meant to be heading towards being a novel) and part of the fun for me is writing about people behaving quite irresponsibly.  They can do things that I, as an almost obsessively law-abiding person, would never even dream of doing. Some of the things they do may have to be edited out later but I’m not thinking about that now, having put my inner editor in a cupboard as instructed.

I am nearly halfway through the 50,000 word count now, and things are going fairly smoothly, although I have no idea what I will fill the second half with. I expect something will turn up! I’ve fallen into a kind of routine where I get up a little early in the morning and write a few hundred words while the cats go in and out, spend the morning at work as usual, write up to a thousand words at lunch-time and then a few hundred more after work in the early evening before I get too tired. The routine varies at the weekend – today, for instance, because I have very little to do, I keep going back to my NaNoNovel and adding a couple of hundred words. Tomorrow I will probably write some extra words as I will be at a write-in at Starbucks.

Meanwhile the weather in Edinburgh has varied between wet and windy, wet, windy, unseasonably cold and unseasonably mild. For me this is easier to live with than a cold snowy spell or consistently mild wet weather. But I haven’t been going out much!


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