Interesting times

OK, I gave in after being rejected by only two of the four publishers – too impatient to bother with the other two. I felt a sudden urge to get ‘Crime in the Community’ out of the way before NaNoWriMo started, as if I didn’t have time to think about it as well as the other novels in the series. In a way it’s a pity it’s the first one, since the plot is less coherent than the second and I think the second is more of a classic mystery novel, but the first one definitely introduces all the characters and has them meeting for the first time, so I think it has to come first.

I uploaded it to on Tuesday – I happened to have the afternoon off work for some other reason, and that gave me the time and ‘mental space’ to do something with it. It took forever to upload and get processed, so I went to bed, and the following morning, before I had told anyone else about it, there were 28 downloads already. This one is a free download so I expect the price was just right for many people! I am also preparing a print editition via Lulu, but will have to charge for that of course. So far the business model looks a bit flaky, but my reasoning is that because I’m writing a series of mystery novels, this phase is when I build an audience. I may be able to charge something for the next one, depending on how this one goes. I am glad to have the second one quite well on in the editing process. The third one is waiting to be written in November.

Occasionally I panic and wonder if I’ll be able to write a whole new novel, but usually I think well, I’ve done it before so I should be able to do it again. There is no sign yet that I’ve lost the urge to write.

A lovely autumn day in Edinburgh – lots of oranges and reds among the trees now, and this afternoon from our office window we saw them against a dark grey sky. The light is warm and we’ve had some sun.


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