Whiling away the time…

In a way I am just whiling away the time until November, when I can start my next novel as part of NaNoWriMo. I’m now really looking forward to the insane camaraderie of it! I can’t even settle to editing my previous year’s effort any more, and I haven’t tried too hard as I need to rest the editing  part of my brain and let this year’s idea marinate in peace.

With this in mind, I spent today marching with the Scottish Trade Union Congress as a demonstration against the UK government’s economic policy.  It was a good experience and reaffirmed my feeling that the Scots have an inbuilt sense of what’s fair and unfair – and completely contradicted the cynical view of Scotland’s future expressed in one of my unpublished novels (another NaNo creation) and in another of my blogs.

Rally in Princes Street Gardens

'There is a better way' march

It poured with rain yesterday, but today as we marched the sun came out. It was so cold that I was glad I had grabbed a pair of woolly gloves from the hall table on the way out. As I write this there is dappled sun in the conservatory and Jacques is asleep in the cat bed.


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