taking the plunge, but not into the pool


Something strange happened the other day. I read a blog post (Mystery Writing is Murder) about writing to deadlines and the blogger mentioned NaNoWriMo. As a dedicated NaNoer, I had to post a comment, and while posting it I realised that I had two novels I consider ready to be published, and I hadn’t really tried hard, or in one case at all, to get them published.

I tell myself this is partly because I am still wondering if electronic self-publishing is the right way forward – in which case, why haven’t I done it yet?! – but in truth it is because I’ve been procrastinating. Yet another case in my life where I haven’t got a deadline so I don’t get anything done.

For once, I allowed these thoughts to galvanise me into action, and I immediately found submission details for 4 publishers who are currently accepting unagented submissions, and submitted the next day by email to the ones who accept email submissions. I am just about to go into the conservatory and excavate my old laptop, which is the only one that will connect to the printer, so that I can print out sample chapters etc to send to the other two publishers.

I feel that once I’ve been rejected by all 4 publishers I will then be convinced to do it myself! Although I suppose if they don’t think they can sell my novel then the chances of me being able to sell it myself are rather slim. I just don’t want to leave it all until after this November, when I am hoping to add another unpublished novel to the pile.

Weather in Edinburgh today: grey and grim. Activity: packed and moved props for latest theatre show ‘Prescription for Murder’.


3 responses to “taking the plunge, but not into the pool

    • Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth.
      I was just thinking how much I have learned from reading your blog – it really is generous the way you spend so much time and effort on it and on your twitter feed.

      • Oh I love it…maybe too much? 🙂 I get my writing done first each day before I reward myself with blog and Twitter time (Twitter I schedule in advance, using a 3rd party app.)

        Thanks for the kind words,


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