Oh no, not another wet weekend

I’m sure it wasn’t raining when I got up this morning, but when George came in with wet fur I looked up at the conservatory roof and saw it patterned with raindrops. You’d think all this rain would leave the glass sparklingly clean – in fact I’ve just had to order one of these long handled squeezy sponge mops especially to reach it.

I can’t sit very long as I still have backache from all the train journeys I did last week – London on Monday afternoon/back on Tuesday evening, then Liverpool on Friday (there and back the same day). I don’t travel much for work so it was very unusual to have two trips the same week. Both were very worthwhile. Liverpool World Museum is very grand, even behind the scenes. Those Victorians really knew how to overawe people with the majesty of a building. We had our lunch in the corridor (nicer than it sounds) where there are dark green tiles, mid yellow paintwork with deep red highlights. Hard to visualise but it all comes together in a really pleasing way.

The plan is that I take it easy today and do some writing – have just re-registered on the NaNoWriMo site so that has reminded me it isn’t long until November, when I will ‘have’ to start all over again with a new novel. I am hoping that writing a second sequel won’t be too grindingly boring. Maybe I should have  started something completely different. There’s still time! For now, I will try and get some pressing edits of ‘Reunited’ out of the way before the end of this month. Also, I may remove ‘Crime in the Community’ from authonomy. I don’t seem to be getting any useful feedback there, and I think I might as well do something else with it – submitting to publishers, putting on smashwords etc.


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