Autumn or not?

Sitting in the conservatory with the door open this morning, lovely sunshine overhead, a pleasant cooling breeze, I don’t feel as if it’s autumn yet although we’ve had some recent days when it did. If I can’t think of any excuse to procrastinate further, I might have to do a bit of light gardening later today before the weather turns nasty.

I thought I would wake up exhausted and possibly unable to move after rashly going to a ceilidh yesterday, but it seems to have energised me – for the moment, at least. There will probably be a slump at some point during the day!

Just before setting out for the ceilidh, I had a bit of a breakthrough with ‘Reunited’ (sequel to ‘Crime in the Community’) as I had thought of a plot device to add to the suspense and also to the word count, which is currently on the low side, and finally got round to writing a couple of new scenes. Not very many comments on authonomy yet. I think I will submit ‘Crime…’ to a publisher before putting it on smashwords, although I may well get bored waiting for a response and decide to get on and do that. I don’t think this is the time to be patient!


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