Laziness or reflectiveness?

I seem to be having an extremely lazy weekend in all sorts of ways. The weather, surprisingly, has been great so far – the sunshine wasn’t all used up – and that has encouraged me to sit around a lot, browsing in books, an easier thing to do now that I have a small bookcase next to my chair in the conservatory. The de-cluttering operation, among other benefits, has brought a different set of books to the surface. For instance, both ‘Homage to Catalonia’ by Orwell and ‘Homage to Caldeonia’ by Daniel Gray, are near each other and both crying out to be read.

I have fixed some chapter problems in ‘Crime in the Community’ and it’s sitting on authonomy waiting for comments. Nothing bad so far, but I am waiting to see if anyone posts genuinely constructive comments that might help me to decide if it’s ready to publish electronically or perhaps submit to a publisher. I am leaning towards epublishing at the moment for this one. I’m also desperate to get on and do some serious editing of ‘Reunited’ before November. Unfortunately my energy doesn’t match myenthusiasm this weekend! I really must get out for a walk later today.


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