The Never Ending Story

It was pouring with rain in Edinburgh first thing this morning, but the sun suddenly came out, and it’s chilly and glorious.

At this point the task of de-cluttering seems never-ending, and indeed it probably is, but I hope to bring this instalment of it to a close later today by reaching a point at which we can pause without feeling as if we are surrounded by unfinished projects. (yes, I am thinking of my planned re-decoration of the hall and landing, of which I have so far done part of one wall, leaving a dust-sheet on the floor and golf clubs in the middle of the room)

There’s some obvious progress, and as usual other areas where I meant to do something and was defeated by lack of time or energy, or fear of spiders, or one of various other excuses that I can’t remember at the moment. There’s still one whole day stretching ahead of us, so it won’t be over until it’s over.

On a different front, I haven’t done any more to ‘Crime in the Community’ but will try to go through the remaining post-its later today and resolve any outstanding issues. Then I am not sure what to do with it. There are at least 3 immediate options (leaving out the ‘do nothing’ one, which as usual is rather tempting!).  Submit to a publisher or agent right away; put on authonomy to get some feedback; self-publish right away via smashwords.

I have already put off this moment for longer than necessary by spending time setting up Cecilia Peartree’s own blog, now active. I think a fitting conclusion to my holiday week would be to take one of the above actions. But I may need a crystal ball or other game of chance to help me decide which one.


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