De-cluttering rules

We are about to plunge into Day 2 of our massive de-cluttering project. So far, so good. I have some rules that I hope will make it less painful.

Rule 1 is that we don’t start until 10 am at the earliest. This week is theoretically a holiday for me, and I am not prepared to dash around at the crack of dawn tidying.

Rule 2 is that we don’t sneak in and start a room before its allotted day. Alex has already infringed this rule by starting the kitchen before we had finished the hall, but in his defence I can say that there was a gap in activity while we waited for the hall carpet to dry after a ruthless application of shampoo, and he wanted to get on.

Rule 3 is that we don’t try and keep stuff that’s useless, on the chance that it may come in useful ‘one day’. I confess that I am the most likely to contravene this rule, and I’m already planning to put things I don’t really need in the cupboard under the stairs, once we’ve cleared away the pile of stuff that’s currently blocking access to it, and providing there is enough room in it.

Rule 4 is that we have frequent breaks when, if possible, we do other things outside the house just for fun. I went to a Book Festival event yesterday, and tomorrow I’m going to the National Archives and then on to another Book Festival event. Not sure what Alex has planned for fun. May have to remind him to take a break!

Despite our ruthless gutting of the hall and landing, I still had time to expunge many ‘some’s from Crime in the Community. I just have to go through it one more time to see if any gaping plot holes have escaped me, then I will have done all I can! (for the moment) I suppose in a sense I have de-cluttered the novel as well.


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