Cecilia Peartree comes to life

After a lot of thought I have created Cecilia Peartree as an alter ego for my cosy mystery writing, as opposed to other more ‘serious’ (and certainly more problematic, both for me to write and others to read) novel writing. I’ve set up a Twitter account for her – partly because I’m embarrassed to set one up under my own name in case someone I know finds it!- which more or less sums up my attitude to publicity. I suppose it’s like an actor playing a part – people do things on stage they wouldn’t dream of doing in real life! It’s hard to find the right way of tweeting, although I’ve so far contributed a couple of tweets about books I’m reading, and a couple about Edinburgh -covering fairly similar ground to this blog. But perhaps not distinctive enough. I think I will start a Facebook page for her later, once I recover from the initial Twitter shock.

I have a whole weekend away from my theatre group show! For weeks I feel as if I’ve been spending all my time painting the set, then going to rehearsals, then at the first night, then helping with coffees, but now I’m staying away from the show until next Wednesday.

‘Fortunately’ we are now planning a great de-cluttering of the house, probably because a party is in the offing, so I will still have an excuse not to spend all my spare time editing ‘Crime in the Community’, for which I have a glossy-looking printed copy bristling with Post-its. I see most of the problems that are cropping up are to do with stylistic issues. There are very few typos left, and I seem to have filled in many of the gaping plot holes at an earlier stage. Now I’m going through looking for places where I’ve got too many occurrences of the same word, clumsy sentences, too many semi-colons etc. I think this time my final edit will be to whittle away at the ‘some’ words – ‘something’, ‘somewhere’, ‘someone’. These are places where, when writing the first draft during NaNoWriMo, I couldn’t be bothered thinking of a more exact phrase! In my previous novel the most over-used word was ‘probably’.


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