The perils of speaking too soon.

I vaguely remember in my last post talking about having a surge of energy; unfortunately I’ve lost that somewhere during the week, going so far in the other direction that I had to take 2 days off work with some sort of exhaustion bug, and have developed the inconvenient habit of needing a couple of hours’ sleep in the afternoon.

[incidentally my eyes have also been affected, which is probably why this post was originally headed ‘the persil of speaking too soon]

Just back from being a marshal at the Edinburgh Festival Cavalcade – no silver star but a hi-vis vest to minimise the dangers of walking in the road between two lorries. Actually the main danger came not from the lorries but from the darting white-clad women of some meditation group who wouldn’t keep up with their own lorry but kept appearing at the side of ours or dashing across in front of it to distribute more fliers at the other side of the road. However, being in Holyrood Park on such a lovely day wasn’t really any hardship.

I’ve got my ‘proof copy’ of Crime in the Community back from Lulu, and am going through it with a packet of Post-its, marking all the places where I need to edit either majorly or on a small scale. In an uncharacteristic attempt to be more organised, I’ve even colour-coded the Post-its – yellow for typos, blue for stylistic issues and bright pink for plot holes. So far there are more blue ones that anything else.  I haven’t noticed too many uses of ‘probably’ though. I have a feeling some other word will turn out to be the unwanted one this time. Perhaps ‘just’ or ‘wondered’!


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