How not to procrastinate (by an expert)

I now realise the problem with working on my edit of ‘Reunited’ wasn’t that I didn’t have time, but that I had too much time. As soon as I had 1001 other urgent things to do – getting ready for the family reunion, taking the dog out, separating the dog and cats, painting the set for the Fringe show – I developed an irresistible urge to work on the edit. I’ve even started a new first chapter (working title ‘Chapter A’ since I already have a chapter 1) which fills in a bit, but I hope not too much, of the background to the main plot and may help to explain why one of the characters gets murdered fairly quickly.

The family reunion was a big success – there were fewer people around than last time but it was a better venue and easier to get to (Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline) and we had the chance to sit around a table taking part in a general discussion instead of sticking to our own little groups and not putting 2 and 2 together. We discovered that several of our ancestors gave up coal mining in Fife at almost exactly the same date – 1925 / 1926.  Now we have to try and find out which were trade union troublemakers and had to leave town, and which ones lost their jobs in the general industrial strife.

Mixed success with the dog, Paddy – he and Jacques (youngest cat) never did learn to get on with each other.


On the plus side we enjoyed revisiting some good dog walking places we’ve been too lazy to go to for some time – even Corstorphine Hill looked strange and different in some ways, and I had forgotten how lovely Almondell is.

Set painting is still going on, in fact I spent part of yesterday evening perched on a ladder trying to create stone wall effects with a set of sponges and paint in 2 shades of grey. There will be more to do on Sunday and I’ve already laid in a stock of Dulux Intense Truffle for the woodwork.


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