going to new lengths

I have now surpassed myself in the procrastination game by starting a travel article for an online competition and at the same time writing a short account of a branch of my family to take to an extended family reunion next weekend.

Anything rather than get on and edit ‘Reunited’ (which incidentally has a family history theme).

This week I will probably procrastinate further as I have some urgent set painting to do at my theatre group as well as a dog-sitting project later in the week. The latter is fraught with danger as we are having my sister-in-law’s dog to stay for a long weekend, and nobody knows how he will get on with our three cats. Well, that’s not quite true – everyone knows there will be fur flying, but we just don’t know how much. I think we can guess whose fur will be flying, and it won’t be that of any of the cats. I just hope there isn’t too much blood involved.

I’ve had a quiet weekend after a busy working week – yesterday I did hardly anything, on the flimsy pretext that it was pouring with rain for most of the day, and today after going for a walk round the Zoo, where the chimpanzees are in the middle of one of their power struggles again, I fell asleep for an hour or so. I do feel much better for it. In fact I am now trying to work out what would be the best place to snooze during the working week. Under the desk?


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