getting on with what?

Ha – all very well to tell myself to get on with it, but what has happened next is that I’ve revisited the musical ‘Blackberry Crumble’ which I wrote in April, and started to write music for the song words. I can’t help seeing this just as delaying tactics to stop me from looking at ‘Reunited’ but I suppose at least it’s creative.

Have also diverted myself temporarily by writing a very short (300 words) crime story for yet another competition linked to the Harrogate crime writing festival. That’s finished and submitted now, so I don’t need to think about it any more.

But this leaves a gaping hole in my procrastination plans – I am now thinking about what I could do in the garden, and whether I should run along to Sainsburys for chocolate!… Gardening has been problematic the last few days and for some reason while other parts of the world are choking in the heat, Edinburgh has now developed a premature autumn chill in the air, so the other night I seriously considered putting on the central heating.

The garden it is, then!


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