just getting on with it

After a couple of weeks in which, distracted by car and work and related stamina  issues, I’ve done no writing and only a very tiny amount of relevant stuff (getting Crime in the Community ready to print via Lulu), it’s time to get on with it again. I have several projects waiting at the same sort of stage and I’ll have to make myself focus on one at a time.  The one I am thinking of is ‘Reunited’, which was cut down to 50,000 words for a competition I didn’t win but which will have to gain another 20,000 or so to make it the ‘right’ length for a crime novel. Naturally my mind is playing tricks on me again, trying to draw my attention to some urgent de-cluttering that needs to be done.

It’s a good day to do this, since there are already raindrops on the conservatory roof and according to the weather forecast it will only get worse before the end of the day, with 60-70 mph winds across central Scotland – brrr. It almost makes my procrastination over the shed roof and the garden gate make sense, since they would undoubtedly have been damaged all over again in this weather!

Two of the cats have come back in as the rain gets heavier. The third, Jacques, has a different kind of coat which seems to be more weather-proof than the rest, being more dense and glossy like the coat of a much bigger cat. This may partly explain his delusions about being a tiger.


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