good news and bad news

This has been a funny week in which I received bad news of my car, which broke down last Saturday in the car park at Pitlochry Festival Theatre and was then towed to Blair Atholl, its engine dismantled and one of the vital parts sent to Inverness.  Apparently when the part, whatever it is, returns to Blair Atholl the mechanics there will ‘rebuild the engine’, an ominous phrase which has serious implications for my bank account.

On the other hand, I also got news that the proposal for a paper, which I sent a while ago to the organisers of a conference in Germany, has been accepted – which is good news in some ways (opportunity to revisit Germany, networking with interesting museum colleagues) but nearly as alarming as the car news in others (the work involved in writing the full paper). It’s to do with print rooms in museums and galleries.

On the fiction writing front, I haven’t actually done any writing apart from a miniscule edit of ‘Crime in the Community’. But I have made the decision to get a copy of it printed by Lulu for the final edit, just as I did with ‘The Mountain and the Flood’. There’s something about seeing your novel in real book format that stirs you into editing action. Once I’ve sent it in to Lulu I will review some other waiting novels and see what, if anything, can be done with them.

The cats are variously enjoying the summer weather, avoiding it, taking no notice of it.


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