In which I spring into action

Being on holiday (see below) has given me the impetus to get on and do something with my writing.  Because it was difficult and slow to connect to the internet at the holiday park where we stayed in the Camargue,  I was forced to work on editing ‘Crime in the Community’ to justify having taken my netbook away with me. I’ve added about 4,500 words to the word count and sorted out some of the logical flaws in the story, although of course this has exposed other flaws I hadn’t even thought of before.

Back in Edinburgh and (reluctantly) at work although even here the weather has turned to summer now, I have rushed into epublishing the short story ‘Recycled’ which is now on Smashwords under my cosy mystery/NaNo pseudonym Cecilia Peartree.

Part of the reason for doing this is that I think it makes a good introduction to my planned series of cosy mysteries involving the same location and characters; part of the reason is pique that the story wasn’t chosen as one of the winners in the Alibi tv short crime story competition. Now all I have to do is to publicise it! And keep writing the sequels I suppose…


2 responses to “In which I spring into action

    • Thanks very much for your comment – don’t worry, I certainly will keep on writing! (it’s just something I can’t stop doing)

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