almost on holiday

We leave for our holiday on Sunday, travelling first to London and then on to Montpellier by Eurostar and TGV. Apart from the dangers of flying and the latest inconvenience of being held up by volcanic ash clouds, there is something real about going across Europe by train. Of course I will be eating my words if we don’t make it across Paris in time for our connection, or if Eurostar is delayed for some reason.

My trip to Brighton now seems as if it happened months ago although it was less than a month. I found my way up to Surrenden Close (near Withdean Park) to have a look at our old family home. It still looks much the same as I can remember it – having last seen it when I was about 22 I think – it’s just that everything else has changed!

‘Cash on Delivery’ was slightly more disastrous, ending as it did with someone in hospital, but I’d better draw a veil over that and move on to the next production, for the Edinburgh Fringe. I think the words ‘oh no, not again’ ran through my head when I found it would be yet another Jacobite show.

Have now been rejected by Alibi in their crime competition – so I will publish my story ‘Recycled’ electronically, I hope on Smashwords, and let the readers decide! Thanks to Shaun from IT, I have submitted The Mountain and the Flood to a publisher – when he asked if I had got it published yet, I was too embarrassed to admit I hadn’t even tried, and I couldn’t think of a good reason any more for not submitting it. I will have to dedicate it to him! (or maybe not)


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