time to open the door

At last! It’s warm enough to sit in the conservatory with the door open so that the cats can go in and out. Or almost warm enough, if you don’t mind a breeze swirling round your feet. The sun is out in patches here in Edinburgh. Things are looking good for my work trip to Brighton (now green capital of the UK) which happens tomorrow.

I have been slightly energised, or perhaps that’s a contradiction in terms, by all the political excitement that’s gone on, and by my anger at the outcome. However, this hasn’t resulted in huge writing output yet – just in the inclusion of catch-phrases such as ‘Big Society’ in one of my crime novels. I hope to keep focussed on ‘Crime in the Community’ until I’ve finished this edit. It’s always too tempting to dabble in other writing, but I think that’s my brain playing tricks and trying to stop me finishing it. I really intended to submit The Mountain and the Flood to a publisher as well, but something is holding me back from that.

Our latest theatre group show ‘Cash on Delivery’ opens next week. I will miss the tech rehearsal, the second time in a row this has happened. I’m sure I will catch more than enough of the show from Tuesday onwards, though. I really should call a production meeting for the fringe show soon – but I am now obsessed with going away on holiday in June, and can’t really be bothered with much else.


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