A view from Scotland

The last few days have re-kindled my interest in politics – I and my family have mostly voted Lib Dem since we lived in Edinburgh because we were against the Conservatives, who previously held this seat, and the LDs seemed to give us the best chance of an MP of a different flavour. At first I didn’t know what to think about them possibly going into coalition with the Conservatives – in many ways their ideas seemed to be polar opposites. However if the reward for this is proportional representation then it may be worth it. If they do it for any other reason I will probably never vote for them again. I can’t imagine many people will around here in leafy Edinburgh West.

After the drama of the election and only getting 4 hours’ sleep, I thought we would have a quiet Friday, but one of the cats (Jacques ‘the kitten’ – still smaller than the others but quite a bit more feisty, to use a word that isn’t so derogatory as ‘aggressive’) caught a magpie which J and A then got him away from. It lay in the garden twitching for such a long time that in the end I was persuaded to call the SSPCA, who came quite quickly and took it away – though not really thinking it would survive. This was the culmination (I hope) of a long battle between Jacques and the magpies – when he was a kitten they used to chase him around making a terrible noise, so I think it’s now payback time.

Weather was very chilly first thing this morning, but now sunny and bright, warming up as the day goes on – I have done some gardening but have been forced indoors by hay fever – I suspect the allergen is tree pollen. We have apple blossom out at the moment, the forsythia has just finished flowering and the lilac is just about to come into flower.

I did intend to spend some time writing this afternoon, and may still do that. I plan to start submitting The Mountain and the Flood to a few select publishers while trying to work out if it might be better to epublish myself. At the same time I would like to finish another edit of ‘Crime in the Community’ which looks as if it could be the first in a cosy mystery series (no. 2 also on the computer).


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