cats’ day in

It’s much too wet this morning – especially for a Saturday – and the cats are showing their displeasure by leaving trails of little muddy pawprints all over the place. George has a new favourite spot, which is unfortunately halfway up the stairs. He likes to roll around on his back when he hears someone going up or down, so that he can catch their feet in his paws. I predict a terrible accident sooner or later.

I managed to write 102 pages of various scripts in April to complete Script Frenzy for the first time. I quite like my stage play, Blackberry Crumble, which is part of it. If I do a bit more work on it and persuade someone to write music to go with the song lyrics, it might almost be possible to stage it. I see it as a community musical performed at the youth centre, where we could easily find a cast for the pensioners’ chorus.

As far as the movie trailers are concerned, I now have a plan to ‘shoot’ one of them using xtranormal, but it could take a while.

Other plans for the weekend include going to the theatre, where I hope the Lyceum company will not ruin The Cherry Orchard, and tomorrow to Gullane for a walk and lunch – fingers crossed for that too – will the weather improve?


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