more weather than we can cope with

So many kinds of weather in one day – only in Edinburgh (or maybe in other places too). This morning the familiar sound of raindrops rattling on the conservatory roof, and I had to put the heating on to dry the cats, if nothing else. Then the rain blew over and we had lovely sunshine, and later it blew back in again and I had to rescue George from the garden, where he was sheltering under an old quilt that had been left hanging up out there.

The view from Blackford Hill, where Alex and I went for a walk, was exceptionally spectacular today – we looked across to the Craighouse buildings of Napier University, where he goes every day in term time, over to Corstorphine Hill, under which our house nestles, and out past the Castle and the Old Town to the Forth – the Isle of May looked very interesting today with a layer of mist around the base. I would like to photograph the Castle from this angle on a stormy day for the cover of one of my novels ‘The Mountain and the Flood’.  I suspect that actually doing that would require more organisational skills than I have!

I’ve now managed to write 88 pages in Script Frenzy – 55 were the original musical I set out to write, and the rest have been trailers for the movies of my novels. These seem quite variable in quality, and from doing this I can see that ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ which I thought was the one that would easily turn into a movie, is in fact the most problematic when it comes to an adaptation. Maybe I should try a tv serial?! Another challenge in case I don’t have enough of them already…


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