Sunny Saturday

Hurray! I can’t remember when we last had a sunny Saturday – I’ve left the conservatory door open again for the cats to go in and out, but I think I’ll have to close it soon because of the breeze swirling round my feet.

I have taken the plunge and sent in my short story to the Alibi competition. I want to do something with The Mountain and the Flood now, so I hope to put together a submission ‘package’ over the weekend. This would fit in nicely before the start of Script Frenzy, which I’ve foolishly signed up to. During the week (coincidentally) I had a chat with someone about the psychometric profile I’ve had to complete for my management training course. The most interesting part was that she came up with an explanation for the clutter on my desk – and in the rest of my life, though she doesn’t know about that. Apparently I’m leaving a trail of loose ends behind because I’m incapable of finishing anything without a deadline. I must admit that has been a recurring theme for me! I still remember the cupboard full of unfinished stories in Alpine Villa. That must be why NaNoWriMo works for me too!

I suppose having learned that should enable me to clear out some of the clutter, but I still have to make the effort of course!

Have had to start WeightWatchers again as I got a terrible shock on the scales. Not too bad so far although I do miss chocolate in the evenings.


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