Shadow of the cat

What I really don’t like when I’m sitting in the conservatory on a sunny morning is to see the shadow of a cat out of the corner of my eye. That’s because if I see the shadow of a cat it means Jacques is up on the roof again! He seems to think he might be able to catch seagulls in flight from up there or at least annoy the magpie colony even more than he usually does. I’m just worried he falls off into the garden next-door or, assuming he gets much fatter and heavier, comes crashing through the glass roof and lands on my head.

Anyway, this is all just procrastination, something I’ve been doing a lot of. I have ‘finished’ and printed out my short story but it doesn’t seem nearly good enough to me – I will run it past Alex and see what he thinks. He will probably agree that it isn’t!

Now that I’ve had a bit of chilling out time (as far as writing goes anyway – in other ways I have been quite busy) I have the urge to revisit my 2008 NaNo novel, ‘Scottish Fantasy’ and see if I can beef it out to novel length from its current 50,000 words. I have an idea that could be used either for a sequel or a sub-plot, so maybe I will look into that and see what works.

Going out later for an all-day vegetarian brunch for Mother’s Day. Tomorrow I have to help with the move-in for ‘Cider with Rosie’ so there’s no knowing how long I’ll be up at the theatre – anything from half an hour to all day.


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