Thoughts of fantasy and sci-fi

Writing in the kitchen today – there isn’t any weather so I can’t listen to the sound of raindrops on the conservatory roof, admire the snow effects in the garden or bask in the sunshine. When I say there isn’t any weather, I mean it is cold and grey this morning although now that I write that, I can see pale sunshine behind me. Everyone has started asking when it will stop being so cold. It isn’t long until Easter, although I remember being on top of the Avon Aqueduct (near Linlithgow) one Easter Sunday years ago when a blizzard suddenly started. Picturesque, but cold and wet.

I’m going out to the theatre this afternoon to see an Irish play that’s supposed to be really funny. I just hope my sense of humour is in tune with the writer’s!

I was looking at a publishing website (smashwords) and noticed sci-fi had been lumped together with fantasy – this annoys me as my own sci-fi novel has no fantasy elements in the usual sense, ie magic, elves etc. There is actually only a little science in it as well, but I can’t think of any other genre where it might fit. This issue then sparked a debate in the household about how you could tell if something was fantasy. I suggested elves and other mythical creatures might identify it as fantasy, and someone else suggested magic of any kind was the defining element.

Anyway this is all just time-wasting as I reached a dead end (quite appropriately) in my short story for the Alibi crime writing competition. Unfortunately not the right kind of dead! I will probably have to re-write another huge chunk of it. It isn’t good for me to have so much time – the closing date is some time in May. I need a tighter deadline.


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