Disappointment – or liberation?

Just found out I haven’t got through the ‘pitch’ stage of the Amazon novel competition this year – I was disappointed at first but then I felt almost as if a weight had been lifted off me. I don’t have to wait around now to hear what’s happening next but can do something else with the novel if I want. It will have to go to the back of a queue of writing stuff, but it will have its day in the sun again eventually!

Rain pouring on to the conservatory roof this morning – it has been doing this since yesterday, apparently without a break. We are threatened with snow again later today but it doesn’t feel cold enough, although fairly chilly and miserable.

I found out yesterday that the management training I have been plunged into at work actually leads to something called a ‘diploma in management’ – not sure how I feel about this! Hope not to have to learn management speak. In many ways I found the motivational speaker of yesterday rather demotivating – I didn’t agree with his view that we should forget about history and just move forward – I can’t remember exactly but isn’t there a saying that goes something like this: People who forget their history are condemned to repeat it? Must look this up and see who said it. I’m guessing Karl Marx but it could just as easily be Einstein or even Picasso, who was a bit of a philosopher too!!


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