winter strikes again

Just when we could actually see the green shoots of spring, winter has struck with a day of fairly heavy, though quite wet, snow here. It’s unusual for me to be sitting watching it from the conservatory on a weekday but I arranged to take the day off to get the car to a garage in Broxburn and take Jacques back to the vet.

The first of these aspirations turned out to go nowhere, as the snow was so heavy that Broxburn main street looked like the set of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ with layers of snow everywhere, traffic gridlock etc, and I managed to get almost to the right place and then get stuck in the wrong lane, from where I found myself heading towards Beecraigs. After that I decided to give up and come straight home before I found myself stuck somewhere at the back of beyond.

Fortunately that meant instead of leaving the car there and having to trudge through the snow to the vet’s surgery, with Jacques probably getting very indignant in the cat basket, I could take him to the vet in the car, where he also got indignant but at least not for so long! His paw is almost back to normal now after antibiotics, but you can now see the bite marks where one of his ‘friends’ has attacked.

I should probably spend today in useful pursuits but somehow the weather makes me want to sit in the house and quite possibly watch tv in the afternoon! – something I almost never do. I will try and type up what I’ve done of the short story. I have a feeling the plot and setting are going to outgrow the short story format, but perhaps I can modify my plans a bit.


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