being ruthless with the delete key

Have almost finished my ruthless edit of ‘Reunited’ (2009 NaNo novel) for the crime competition – it is down below 50,000 in word count now, I just have to keep going to the end to make sure there isn’t anything silly left over – such as rows of question marks where I forgot the names of characters, or was planning to research something later. Earlier in the week I posted off and emailed my synopsis and extract. The timing is very neat, since I can now sit back and wait for the Amazon ABNA news and then it will only be a few weeks until I hear that I haven’t won this one either!

Shoulder pain still with me, neither worse nor better. I suppose I’d better ask the doctor about it. Random pains elsewhere – neck, hip, knee – as well.

Raindrops on the conservatory roof, and two of the cats, Caspar and Jacques, have decided the weather isn’t good enough – Jacques is staring out of one of the bedroom windows, looking worried. George has ventured as far as the end of the garden, where he’s sitting on a fence post staring round. Hope it clears up for later this morning when I’m walking at Cramond.


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